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Introduction to the construction of the stadium of Tianjin Normal University
2023-05-30 16:00  


Tianjin Normal University Gymnasium is located in the forest sports area in the south of the new campus of Tianjin Normal University, The total area o澳门新莆京游戏管方版f ​​the area is 28247 square meters。东、南、 The north side is the main traffic road in the campus, Both sides are school sports fields (including a standard track and field sports field with 400 -meter plastic runway and a natural lawn football field with an area of ​​14,560 square meters。  

Gymnasium is invested by the Tianjin People's Government, Design of Shanghai Tongji University Design Research Institute澳门新莆京游戏管方版, Tianjin Tianyi Construction Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin Huatai Supervision Company Supervision。 Construction started in February 2011, Completed in April 2012, May 31, 2012 (100 days countdown to the 9th National University Student Games)。 Engineering investment budget is approved as 14.668 million yuan。  

The total construction area of ​​the stadium is 13110 square meters, Among them, the building area above the gr澳门新莆京游戏管方版ound is 12490 square meters, The local underground construction area is 620 square meters (computer room、 substation、 fire pool, etc.)。 Stadium includes two parts: main museum (competition hall) and deputy museum (training warm -up hall)。 The main hall building area of ​​10310 square meters (1800 square meters in the museum competition area), The construction area of ​​the sub -hall is 2800 squar澳门新莆京游戏管方版e meters, (including the training hall and indoor area of ​​1240 square meters and 360 square meters、 210 square meters of training room each).  

Gymnasium design concept advanced, The overall layout is reasonable, Using the "Back" shape channel connection structure, the functional areas of the museum are cleverly and reasonably connected into a whole, You can also compete according to different levels and security 澳门新莆京游戏管方版requirements, Flexible division or closure of various functional areas into their respective independent areas。 The first and second floors of the gymnasium are designed with 9 large entrances,, Exccastened all audiences、 Athletes and staff。 A total of 3853 audiences are set up in the main hall, 52 seats in the podium, Fixed audience 2251, Activity audience sitting 1550, Another disabled audience can have 8 seats wi澳门新莆京游戏管方版thout obstacles。 There is a VIP reception room in the museum、 VIP lounge、 Media Studio、 Press Release Center、 Referee Studio lounge、 Athlete lounge (Shower、 Mon locker room)、 Medical Office、 Pharmaceutical Inspection Room, and security security fire protection system、 Network Communication System、 Audio lighting system and LED large screen display system。 Environmental -friendly low -car澳门新莆京游戏管方版bon land source heat pump technology heating and ventilation is used in the museum, To ensure the needs of air temperature for high -level sports events。  

All hardware facilities in the museum, All have reached the standard of hosting national Grade A and international sports events, Can satisfy swimming、跳水、 Almost all indoor sports competition requirements outside the ice。 September 2012, The Martial Arts Routine of the 澳门新莆京游戏管方版Ninth College Student Games of the People's Republic of China is held in the museum。 This museum is now the 6th East Asian Games martial arts routine、 Martial Arts Sanda Competition。 

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