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Tianjin Normal Teaching and Physical Science College of Teaching Basic Gong Competition Queen queue、 Broadcasting competition is successfully ended
2023-12-14 18:23  



In order to implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping's important instructions on strengthening physical education, In order to improve the pr澳门新莆京游戏管方版ofessional literacy of students of the School of Physical Sciences at Tianjin Normal University, Show the style and style of sports education students, Stimulate students' enthusiasm and innovation ability for education, Enhance the communication and interaction of teachers and students, Promote teaching reform and development, Our hospital in2023 year12 month14 Successful teaching competition for teaching—— Queen qu澳门新莆京游戏管方版eue、 Broadcasting competition。


Leaders attending this competition are Li Mengli, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Physical Sciences、 Dean Xue Sijun, Deputy Dean Shi Lei, Deputy Dean Liu Jun。 The leader affirmed the meaning of the activity, Wish I wish the competition a complete success。


Before the game, Our hospital held an excellent intern representative award ceremony, The leaders of the college congrat澳门新莆京游戏管方版ulated these students at the awards ceremony, and give a high evaluation of their outstanding performance during the internship。 The awards ceremony of this excellent intern is the recognition of the school's efforts and giving for students, It is also the encouragement and expectation of their future development。 I believe that these outstanding interns will show greater potential and value in future education positions。


澳门新莆京游戏管方版The competition is held at Tianjin Normal University Stadium, The whole hospital of the hospital15 A team participated in the competition。 Students are wearing a unified hospital service, With full mental state、 Neatate queue line、 Specific actions completed the game and queue-shaped competition, The spirit of solidarity and collaboration shown has won unanimous praise from the judges。


Fierce chase after the game, F澳门新莆京游戏管方版inal Tutoring2102 Class to get the first place in the queue、 Physical Education2101 Class Get the first place in radio gymnastics、 Physical Education2302 Class won the second place in the queue shape、2023 Graduate students get the second place in radio gymnastics、 Physical Education2101 Class won the third place in the queue shape、 Physical Education2301 Class won the third place in radio gymnastics。2102 Ban Xiao Jun澳门新莆京游戏管方版dong,2302 Class Liu Kaifeng won the best commander title、2101 Banqu Hangchen, Graduate Team Gao Ruizheng won the excellent commander、2021 Class Liu Qingyi won the title of the best leader、202321146-21152,220221157-21172。


This competition not only shows the good spiritual style and sports literacy of our students, It also enhanced students' collective honor and class cohesion, Looking forward to goodbye next time!

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