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2024 Tianjin Normal University School of Physical Sciences Graduate Examination direction and reference book
2023-09-25 10:44  

澳门新莆京游戏管方版 Degree category


Research direction

Reference Bibliography

Academic Type


Social Sports Research

1) "Sports Introduction", Yan澳门新莆京游戏管方版g Wenxuan、 Editor -in -chief of Chen Qi, Higher Education Press,20213月第3;

2) "Sports Management", Zhang Ruilin editor, Higher Education Press,20152月第3版。

Sports Management Research

Sports Education Training

School Sports Research

1) "Sports Teaching Theory", Editor -in -chief of Mao Zhenming, Higher Education Press, 201707月第3版;  

2) "Sports physiology", Wang Ruiyuan、 Editor -in -chief of Su Jinsheng, People's Sports Press,20122 month, No. 11版。

澳门新莆京游戏管方版Competitive Sports Research

Professional type

(Master of Sports)

Sports Teaching


1) "Sports Training", Editor -in -chief of Tian Mai Jiu, Higher Education Press,20174月第2版;

2) "School Sports", Pan Shaowei、 Editor -in -chief of Kehong, Higher Education Press,201512月第3版。

Sports training


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