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College of Physical Sciences 2024 Exemption work plan
2023-09-19 16:22  


Recommended by the School of Sports Science2024 The annual outstanding undergraduate graduates are free to study for graduate work plan


澳门新莆京游戏管方版According to the Ministry of Education's "Notice on Further Standard and Strengthening the Recommended Excellent Undergraduate Graduates for Exemption of Graduate Work"、 "About to do well2024 Annual Recommended 澳门新莆京游戏管方版Notice of Outstanding Bachelor of Students from Trial Students from Graduate Students "and" Recommended by Tianjin Normal University2024 The spiritual spiritual spirit of the year of the excellent undergraduate graduates from the graduate school "and other documents, The School of Physical Sciences adheres to scientific selection、 People -oriented、 Principles of strict management, Actively promotes outstanding gradu澳门新莆京游戏管方版ates of the excellent graduates from the selection of graduate students, Fully protect students' rights and interests, Fully maintain the fairness and justice of exemption。 Combined with the actual situation of sports disciplines, Formulate the implementation plan of this year's exemption。


澳门新莆京游戏管方版Establishment of the School of Sports Science2024 The annual excellent undergraduate gradu澳门新莆京游戏管方版ates are free to study for graduate leadership group and data review team, Leading Group is responsible for organizational leadership of the exemption work, Organization of the exemption work throughout the process、指导、协调, The data review team is responsible for the full inspection and supervision, Ensure that the policy of exemption is transparent, Real and effective results, Freshly appeal channels。

二、 Exempt selection conditions 澳门新莆京游戏管方版and evaluation index system

(1) Basic application conditions

1. The applicant should be the national plan of the school2024 Annual undergraduate graduates (excluding high school promotion undergraduate、 Second Bachelor degree student), and voluntarily submit a written registration application to the Ministry of Student (Academy)。 Undergraduate students who have been trained must obtain an 澳门新莆京游戏管方版official letter from the agreement issued by the agreement area (unit)。

2. Ethics is correct, 澳门新莆京游戏管方版and the comprehensive evaluation is good.

3. Honest and trustworthy, Learning style, No test room violations、 Bad records of cheating and plagiarism of other people's academic achievements, No illegal violations of discipline punishment records。

4. The total evaluation scores of the course assessment of t澳门新莆京游戏管方版he first to the sixth semester during the semester (mainly professional compulsory courses) are the front of the professional grade 35%, Can not be calculated according to the four houses and five entries;。

5. More than one of the following rewards (including one item) during the semester:

    澳门新莆京游戏管方版① School second or higher (including two) scholarships or school professional scholarships;

    ② Special scholarships for tea澳门新莆京游戏管方版chers' education;

    ③ Three good students at the school level (including school level);

    ④ Outstanding student cadres at the school level (including school level);

    I have received scientific research awards or published scientific research papers;

    澳门新莆京游戏管方版⑥ Obtain the Ministry of Education、 Teaching and Fingerprint、 Municipal Education Commission、 The Central Committee of the Communist Youth League、 Lea澳门新莆京游戏管方版gue Municipal Party Committee and other organizations or signed competitions at the city level or national high prize (including) above (inclusive) participants, and members of the national or international major events。

6. University English CET-4 The results reached400 points and above.

7. Moisturizing Course Non -Hanging Record.

(2) Exempting the evaluation indicator system

澳门新莆京游戏管方版The application for the studen澳门新莆京游戏管方版ts on the basis of meeting the basic application conditions, The college exemption working group is based on the evaluation index system of exemption students (see Table1 For the academic performance of the students who declare students、 Awards、 Social practice and other aspects of comprehensive scoring。 Finally, according to the school distribution quota and student scores, Determined score is the fin澳门新莆京游戏管方版al recommended candidate。



Removal Evaluation Index System

Level 1 indicator

III indicators


Course results

The average score of compulsory courses


University English level 4 and 6



澳门新莆京游戏管方版School level or above (including school level) scholarship


School level or above (including school -level) three good students


Outstanding student cadres at the school level (including school level)


澳门新莆京游戏管方版Professional competition

Municipal level (including city level) sports competition award


Municipal level (including city level) professional basic skills competition award


Student Association

Participating in the army to serve military service


参加 City level or above (including city level) Large -scale event volunteer service


澳门新莆京游戏管方版Internship in the International and Domestic Sports Industry Association


澳门新莆京游戏管方版Municipal level or above (including city -level) sports competition referee work




When a student has multiple points in a certain area, In principle, only one item is taken; if the performance is equal, Before the ranking of the average score of all compulsory courses。

1. Curriculum performance index assignment of value interpretation

1) The average score of compulsory courses

澳门新莆京游戏管方版The compulsory courses mainly 澳门新莆京游戏管方版refer to the compulsory courses of generals、 Professional compulsory courses、 The average score of the compulsory course of teacher education。 The average score is100 points, assignment50 points;



Course scores are divided into table

Average score


Average score


Average score




86-87 (excluding87


72-73 (excluding73


99-100 (excluding100


85-86 (excluding86


71-72 (excluding72


98-99 (excluding99


84-85 (excluding85


70-71 (excluding71


97-98 (excluding98


83-84 (excluding84


69-70 (excluding70


96-97 (excluding97


82-83 (excluding83


68-69 (excluding69


95-96 (excluding96


81-82 (excluding82


67-68 (excluding68


94-95 (excluding95


80-81 (excluding81


66-67 (excluding67


93-94 (excluding94


79-80 (excluding80


65-66 (excluding66


92-93 (excluding93


78-79 (excluding79


64-65 (excluding65


91-92 (excluding92


77-78 (excluding78


63-64 (excluding64


90-91 (excluding91


76-77 (excluding77


62-63 (excluding63


89-90 (excluding90


75-76 (excluding76


61-62 (excluding62


88-89 (excluding89


74-75 (excluding75


60-61 (excluding61


87-88 (excluding88


73-74 (excluding74




2) College English Level 4 an澳门新莆京游戏管方版d 6 Grade

    澳门新莆京游戏管方版Students in college English during the semester CET-4 The results reached420 Extraction and above level of assignment5 points; university English CET-6 The results reached420 Extraction and above level of assignment10分。

2. Award -winning situation index assignment interpretation

1) School -level (including school -level) scholarship

澳门新莆京游戏管方版Students get a school -level s澳门新莆京游戏管方版econd -class scholarship assignment during their semester1 points;2 Divided;3;4 points;5分。

2) School level (including school level) Three Good Students

澳门新莆京游戏管方版Students get a school -level three good students during their semester2 points;3 points;4分。

3) Outstanding student cadres at the school level (including school level)

Students get the assignment of outstanding student cadres at the school level during their semester2 Divided;378377_783924分。

3. Professional competition in澳门新莆京游戏管方版dex assignment of value interpretation

1) Award at the municipal level (including the city level) sports competition

澳门新莆京游戏管方版Students get it during their semester Tianjin and above various sports competitions3 Name assignment1 points (Grou澳门新莆京游戏管方版p project participation team5 Team and above, personal project5 people and above); Get various sports competitions in Tianjin and above2 Name assignment2 points (Group project participation team4 Team and above; Personal Project4 people or above);1 Name assignment3 points (Group project participation team3 Team and above; Personal Project3 people or above);4 Divided; won the top eight in the National Student Games or the top three of the National College Student Sports Special Sports Championship5 points; the first place in the top three of the National Student Games or the first 澳门新莆京游戏管方版place in the National College Student Sports Special Sports Championship8 Divided; Get the first place in the National Student Games or the top three of the World University Games.10分。

2) Award at the city level (including city level) professional basic skills competition

澳门新莆京游戏管方版Students won the Municipal Professional Basic Gong Competition Personal Third Prize during their semester3 Divided;5 points; won the first prize of th澳门新莆京游戏管方版e city -level professional basic skills competition7 Divided;8 points; won the second prize of the national professional basic skills competition9 Divided; win the first prize of the national professional basic skills competition10分。

4. Social Practice Index Assignment Explanation

Social practice indicators include4 Item 2nd indicator, Its index score does not exist in level, All are fixed points, N澳门新莆京游戏管方版o retelling one by one here。

3. Steps to implement exemption work

(1)918 Rules for the implementation of the exemption work in the Japanese college;

(2)919 Daily Sport Education Major2024 The year -old undergraduate graduates voluntarily submitted a written application to the college in accordance with the basic application conditions, and submit the certification material;

(3)920 Daily School of Physic澳门新莆京游戏管方版al Sciences College、 Teaching Office to review student application materials;

(4)921 Hold the work meeting of the leading group for exemption and exemption, Determine the list of students to be exempted;

(5)921 Recently submitted a recommendation list to the relevant responsible office of the Academic Affairs Office, Align the recommended qualification certification material (original);

澳门新莆京游戏管方版澳门新莆京游戏管方版Teaching Office Consultation Tel:23766599

Academic Office Consultation Tel:23766593


The final interpretation right of these measures belongs to the Leading Group for Removal of the School of Physical Sciences。


                                                                  School of Sports Science



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